I am a crafty girl that likes to get involved in all sorts of things. I happened upon soap making when trying to make candles proved to be too much of a disaster for me. I have the utmost respect for people who make candles. I enjoyed the concept of it…melting the wax, adding scents and colors, and ending up with beautiful creations. That for me, of course, was all theory. I ended up with a horrible mess. When I was in the craft store casually going down an aisle, I saw, much to my horror, the candle making kits. Just as I was about to start running to get past them, I happened to see a soap making kit. I thought…Hm…you melt it, add scents and colors and pour it into a mold. Well…that sounds fun. It actually sounds waaaaay too familiar. This could be another candle disaster! But really, how bad could it be? It’s soap. If ya spill it….it’s soap. It will be “self cleaning”…right? So, I bought the thing and the rest is history.

I started making the melt and pour version of soap (MP) in 2005. It was so much fun and I really got carried away. I bought all kinds of molds and fragrances and started going crazy making soap. I am a drafter for a small engineering firm and creativity is probably the last thing involved with my career. By nature, I am very artsy and creative. With soap making…I finally have an outlet. I am pretty sure the fabrication shops that my company uses wouldn’t like little swirlys or flowers on their drawings. :) After a couple years of MP soap making, my friends and family were pretty sick of getting soap for every gift giving occasion known to Hallmark. A couple people told me that I should start selling it. So, in the fall of 2012, that is exactly what I did. There was something missing though. Even though what I was doing was really fun, I didn’t feel like I was really “making soap”. Kind of like saying you make cakes when you use a cake mix. Yes, you are still making it, and using your creativity when you decide what shape pan to use, or how to decorate it…but it isn’t “from scratch”. I took a soap making class in December 2012 that taught me how to make soap…from scratch… using the cold process method (CP). I instantly fell in love. I originally had all of these reservations about working with lye. I thought for sure that I would totally make a mess of it, but I didn’t! I was so excited! Ever since then I have been researching all kinds of information on essential oils, natural colorants and ingredients, skin care, and packaging. Honestly, figuring out my packaging has been the hardest thing of all. Well….packaging and patience. With MP, you can use the soap right away. CP on the other hand takes 4 to 6 weeks to cure. Sure, by waiting, you end up with a nice, mildly cleansing, hard bar of soap but you have to WAIT! It is so hard to look at this pretty, yummy smelling bar of soap and NOT be able to use it. UGH! All good things come to those who wait, right? So, with the help of my Mom, inspiration from friends, and regular sanity checks from my dogs, I am so happy that Kimberlilly Kove is now a reality and not just some idea. I really look forward to making soap for you and hope that you enjoy using it as much as I enjoy making it.

Have a Wonderful Day!